Michael Gee

Michael Gee

Hello World 🌎

I'm am a passionate and self-motivated software developer eager to turn ideas into applications. My ambitions include staying on the leading edge of web development focusing primarily on building elegant, responsive, and performant user interfaces & experiences while using serverless cloud technologies to grow my full-stack development skills. I always look to meet new like-minded dev friends or find new learning opportunities & projects to rapidly continue improving as a developer.


I consider myself lucky that I get to wake up and do what I love every day. I see code as a form of art where you can start with a blank canvas and create anything that comes to mind.


I am in no way a writer but I like to share my past experiences and cool things I have learned. I hope that some people can benefit from them and even provide valuable feedback.


I have a strong passion for continuous learning and collaborating with others to rapidly expand upon my developer journey while staying open-minded to new technologies and ideas.

Tech Stack




Current Interests


Developing amazing new B2B ecommerce features & interfaces

lunch.dev Community

Moderating my all-time favorite web development community

Side Project(s)

Building new exciting projects that I'm passionate about (coming soon...)


Playing my favorite pastime outside of coding