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New Year, New Project: Introducing awesome-books

New Year, New Project: Introducing awesome-books
Wed Feb 03 2021

awesome-books is an email newsletter & site that provides all-time favorite book recommendations from awesome developers in the web development community.

Link to project: awesome-books

Project Goal

The main goal with this fun side project is to provide myself and others a list of book recommendations from like-minded & respected people in our industry.

I want to reiterate that these recommendations are all-time favorites meaning they are not limited only to being career-help & technical related although those will also be included in the list.

About 99.9% of books that I read come as a recommendation from someone else or somewhere on the internet. Instead of continuously searching for good books to read, I wanted to create a trusted developer-related resource library of titles that I can refer back to and share with others.

I enjoy reading but lack consistency, the best-case scenario for me would be to replace Netflix hours with reading books that I read purely out of enjoyment.

Learning Opportunity

This is my first email newsletter! The secondary purpose for this project is to learn by doing while hopefully providing value to those seeking to do the same thing I am!

I am using ConvertKit as my email service provider.

Why ConvertKit?

It has a generous free tier, easy to use UI, and mainly because some of my favorite email newsletters that I am subscribed to use it 😃

ConvertKit Brand Logo

Kicking Things Off 🎉

I am super excited to announce the first recommendation will be from Michael Chan aka @chantastic and be released tomorrow (February 4th, 2021 12😮0 EST)!

He is the host of React Podcast, creator of the lunch.dev Community, and a great friend that I recommend anyone and everyone get acquainted with if you haven't already.

How can you do that?

Join the React Podcast Discord!

The Discord involves a super friendly & inviting group of developers that enjoy helping others along with casually chatting and hosting weekly group events listed here.

Becoming more & more involved in this Discord has been one of the bright spots of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 so I not only encourage you to join but also participate!


The initial plan is to release a new recommendation every other week or maybe even weekly depending on how responsive people are to the idea.

I will provide updates on Twitter and the site itself to show when the next book rec will be released or you can simply just kick back and relax while letting them fly into your inbox.


Do you have a book that you regularly recommend to your peers? Recommend a book by filling out the form below to potentially be included in the list!

awesome-books Google Form

Let's Get Started!

Please let me know what you think of the project or how you think it could be improved!

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